Mercedes Eco Start Stop Not Working: (100% Guaranteed Fix!)


Mercedes Eco Start Stop Not Working

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If you’ve ever found yourself wondering “why is my Mercedes eco start stop not working?” you’re certainly not alone.

This innovative system, designed to conserve energy and reduce emissions, can sometimes malfunction or behave unexpectedly.

The auto start-stop function on a Mercedes 2015 C-Class diesel is not working. The dashboard light remains yellow around the ‘A.’ Even after long drives, there is no change. The user recently installed dash cams and a music amplifier. Any ideas?

Mercedes Eco Start Stop Not Working 100% Solution:

The most common reason for auto start-stop failure is a low battery charge. Ensure both the main starter battery and the auxiliary battery are adequately charged. Consider using a trickle-charger like CTEK for the main battery. If issues persist, replacement of one or both batteries may be necessary.

User Experience:

One of our reader faced a similar issue with slow engine turnover. After checking and charging the main battery, they ended up replacing it, resulting in the start/stop function working smoothly.

Here In the below image You Can see the proof 👇, one of our reader who fixed his Mercedes Eco Start Stop Not Working problem by using our method this issue was due to battery and he replaced his battery and the issue got fixed! 😍

Mercedes Eco Start Stop Not Working

Final Resolution:

For users under warranty, Mercedes replaced the battery, resolving the start/stop problem successfully.

Here In the below image You Can see the proof 👇, one of our reader who fixed his Mercedes Eco Start Stop Not Working problem by using our method His car was in a warranty, he took his car to dealer they replaced the battery and the issue got fixed! 😍

Mercedes Eco Start Stop Not Working

Common Causes of Mercedes Benz Eco Start Stop Not Working Failure:

If your Mercedes E350 W212’s Eco start/stop feature isn’t working, the likely culprit is the main battery. Over time, batteries lose the ability to sustain the start/stop function. To address this, check the age of your main battery, and if it’s around 8 years old, consider replacing it with a new AGM battery.

Additionally, monitor the auxiliary battery, as an error message may indicate its malfunction. A system reset might be necessary after battery replacement.

Mercedes’ Eco Start Stop system is a smart fuel efficiency feature. But like all systems, it can experience problems. Here are some common reasons why your Mercedes Eco Start Stop might not be working:

  • Battery Issues: The system relies heavily on the car’s battery. If the battery is weak or old, the start stop function may fail.
  • Climate Control Settings: Extreme temperature settings in your vehicle can prevent the start stop system from functioning properly.
  • Engine Temperature: If your engine hasn’t reached its optimal operating temperature, this could hinder the functionality of the eco start stop system.

Here’s a table to help you understand these issues better:

Battery IssuesWeak/old batteries can affect performance of start-stop systems
Climate Control SettingsExtreme temperatures might deactivate eco-start-stop
Engine TemperatureLow engine heat levels could impair the functionality

And if you’re looking for solutions, here are three things you should check:

  1. Verify that there aren’t any warning lights on
  2. Ensure that your battery is fully charged or replace it if needed
  3. Check and adjust climate control and engine conditions as necessary

Remember: Regular maintenance checks will keep all components running smoothly!

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Troubleshooting Mercedes Eco Start Stop Not Working:

Mercedes Benz’s eco start-stop feature is innovative. Yet, sometimes it may not work as expected. Here are some common issues and steps to resolve them:

Issue 1: Battery Issues:

Mercedes Eco Start Stop Not Working

Issue 2: Engine Temperature Too High or Low:

The system won’t function if engine temperature isn’t within a certain range.

  • Monitor your dashboard for any warning lights
  • Allow engine to reach optimal operating temperature
Faulty SensorReplace sensor
Malfunctioning StarterVisit mechanic for inspection

Issue 3: Brake Pedal Pressure Insufficient:

Ensure that you’re pressing down on the brake pedal firmly enough.

  1. Apply firm pressure on brake pedal before starting.
  2. If problem persists, have brakes inspected by professional.

Note: Always consult with a certified Mercedes-Benz technician when dealing with complex vehicle systems like Eco Start/Stop.

How to Diagnose Mercedes Eco Start Stop Issues?

When your Mercedes eco start-stop isn’t working, follow these steps for an easy diagnosis:

  1. Check the Battery: A weak or dying battery can cause the system to malfunction.
  2. Monitor Engine Temperature: If the engine is not at its optimal operating temperature, it could affect eco start-stop functionality.
  3. Inspect Internal Electronics: Ensure all electronic systems like air conditioning and defrost are functioning properly as they can impact the eco start-stop system.
  4. Look at External Conditions: Cold weather and towing heavy loads may also hinder performance of the feature.

Here’s a quick reference table for common issues and their likely causes:

Common IssueLikely Cause
Engine doesn’t stop when vehicle doesWeak/dying battery or extreme temperatures
System fails to restart after stoppingFaulty starter motor or alternator

Remember, if you’re unable to diagnose or fix the issue yourself, always consult with a qualified mechanic or authorized dealer.

Possible Solutions for a Nonfunctional Mercedes Eco Start Stop System:

When your Mercedes Eco Start Stop system isn’t working, it can be frustrating. But don’t worry – here are some possible solutions that might help:

  • Check Your Battery: If your car’s battery is old or weak, the start-stop technology may not work properly.
  • Solution: Replace or recharge the battery.
  • Inspect The Brake Pedal Sensor: A faulty brake pedal sensor might prevent the system from functioning.
  • Solution: Get a mechanic to inspect and possibly replace this sensor.
  • Look At The Air Conditioning (AC): When the AC is running at full blast, it could impact the start stop feature.
  • Solution: Try turning down your air conditioning to see if this fixes the problem.

If none of these steps work, take note of any error messages on your dashboard and consult with a professional mechanic. They’ll have more advanced tools for diagnosing and fixing problems with your vehicle’s start-stop system.

Mercedes Eco Start Stop Error Codes and Their Meanings:

When your Mercedes eco start stop isn’t working, it could display a variety of error codes. These codes can help diagnose the problem. Here are some common ones:

Here’s what they mean:

Code P050A:

This indicates that there’s an issue with the idle air control system performance during cold starts. This might be why your car struggles to start when it’s cold outside.

Code P0513:

If you see this code, it means the key fob is not correctly programmed to your car which may prevent the engine from starting.

Code P0520:

This warning light shows up when there is a problem with oil pressure sensor/switch circuit in your vehicle.

Error CodeMeaning
P050AProblem with idle air control system during cold starts
P0513Key fob not correctly programmed
P0520Issue with oil pressure sensor/switch circuit

Remember: If you’re unsure or uncomfortable diagnosing these on your own, always consult a professional mechanic.

Understanding the Importance of the Mercedes Eco Start Stop Feature:

Mercedes’ Eco Start Stop feature is a technology designed to save fuel and reduce emissions. Here’s why it’s crucial:

But what happens if this system isn’t working?

Below are some common reasons:

IssuePotential Cause
The feature doesn’t activate at allA malfunctioning battery could be to blame
The vehicle jolts when restartingThis could indicate an issue with the starter

Here are steps you can take if your eco start stop isn’t working:

  1. Check Battery Health: If it’s not up to standard, consider replacing it.
  2. Inspect Starter Functionality: Seek professional help for this.
  3. Look for Warning Lights on Dashboard: These can signal other potential issues impacting functionality.

Remember – always consult with a certified mechanic for any major concerns!

Tips for Maintaining Your Mercedes Eco Start Stop System:

Maintaining the eco start stop system in your Mercedes is crucial to ensure optimal performance. Here are a few tips:

  • Regular Maintenance: Schedule regular service appointments at an authorized Mercedes dealer.
  • Battery Check: Ensure the battery is always charged above 80%. A low charge can impact the start-stop function.
  • Cabin Temperature: If it’s too hot or cold inside, the system might not work. Maintain a comfortable temperature inside your car.

Here’s a table summarizing key factors that affect the eco start stop system:

Battery ChargeHigh impact – keep it over 80%
Cabin TemperatureMedium impact – maintain comfort level
Regular ServiceHigh impact – schedule regular checks


  1. The eco-start-stop isn’t faulty if it doesn’t activate every time you stop.
  2. It depends on various factors like engine temperature, outside weather and battery condition.
  3. Refer to your vehicle manual for more detailed information about this feature.

When to Seek Professional Help for a Faulty Mercedes Eco Start Stop System?

If your Mercedes Eco Start/Stop system is not working as expected, it might be time to seek professional help. Here are some scenarios when you should consider going to an expert:

  • The System Doesn’t Activate At All – If the start stop feature never kicks in, even when your vehicle meets all required conditions (e.g., engine at optimal temperature, battery sufficiently charged), there’s likely a deeper issue that needs professional attention.
  • Frequent Unexpected Stops – Your car should only shut off at specific times — like when you’re stationary or idling. If it stops while you’re driving or does so erratically, get it checked out immediately.
  • Warning Light Stays On – A constant warning light could signal trouble with the system; don’t ignore this sign!

Here’s a simple table to summarize these points:

System doesn’t activateSeek professional help
Unexpected frequent stopsImmediate check-up necessary
Warning light stays onDon’t ignore; consult an expert

Remember, taking care of problems early can prevent costlier repairs down the line!

Comparing Aftermarket Options for Fixing a Broken Mercedes Eco Start Stop System:

Mercedes Eco Start Stop Not Working

When your Mercedes Eco Start Stop system isn’t running at its best, there are aftermarket options available to get it back on track. Let’s take a look at some popular choices.

Battery Replacement Kits:

These kits come with everything you need to replace the battery which powers the start stop system.

Pros: Affordable, easy installation

Cons: May not fix deeper mechanical issues

Start Stop System Reset Tools:

Designed to reset your car’s start stop system and resolve glitches.

Pros: Can clear minor software problems

Cons: More complex issues may still require professional attention

ProductPrice RangeEase of Installation
Battery Replacement Kit$$Easy
Start Stop System Reset Tool$$$Moderate

Battery Replacement Kits:

Typically priced in the mid-range level, these kits provide an economical solution if you’re dealing with power-related issues. The ease of installation is another plus point.

Start Stop System Reset Tools:

A bit pricier but can address software glitches that other tools might miss. However, they do require moderate technical skill for effective usage.

Before deciding on an option, consider what fits your budget and skills better. Also bear in mind that some problems might be beyond DIY solutions and would necessitate a visit to a professional mechanic shop.

Conclusion and final thoughts

Mercedes-Benz Eco Start/Stop feature is a smart system designed to save fuel and reduce carbon emissions. But like any technology, it can sometimes run into issues.

If your Mercedes’ Eco start stop isn’t working, don’t panic! There are several common causes such as battery health, environmental conditions or system settings that could be affecting its performance.

Remember to consult with a certified professional or visit an authorized dealer if the problem continues. Regular maintenance checks can also prevent potential problems before they escalate further.

Ultimately, ensuring your Mercedes runs smoothly not only contributes towards environmental preservation but also enhances your driving experience.

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